Reminder: site projects due Nov 16

Part of your participation grade includes one special project:

You will investigate a particular place in the city that is connected to Parisian literary history. If the site you choose does not come from our course readings, you must make a case for how it connects to the course. You will visit the spot and prepare a brief (3-5 paragraphs) essay on the importance of the site– why did you choose it, what happened there, who were the players, what does it look like now, what kind of memory is preserved of that site. You will take pictures and post them, and the essay, on the course blog. Drafts will be due on November 16th; revisions due November 25th. The goal is to produce an engaging and informative piece of writing, and the tone does not have to be particularly academic.

Fall 2010:
A friend of mine, the writer A.N. Devers, has recently set up a new website dedicated to literary encounters with writers’ houses (the site has already been featured in the New Yorker and the LA Times). She’s looking to beef up the Paris contents of the site, and this is where you come in. If you would like to contribute your essay to the site, A.N. would love to have it. (Of course you’ll have to focus on a writer’s house, as opposed to just any literary site.) Contributing is optional; just let me know if you’re interested.

Resources for picking a site:
Jessica Powell, Literary Paris
David Burke, Writers in Paris

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