Regarding the research proposal

A word about the proposal that’s due on Friday, since I just answered this question for one of your classmates

The assignment is:
A final 8-10 page project will be due at the end of the course. Students will choose a text or film that was not included in the course readings and analyze the ways in which it deals with representations of the city and movement within the city. If you wish, you may compare your chosen text or film to one which we’ve read in class. A research proposal of 1-2 pages will be due Friday November 19th, by 5 pm sharp.

For the proposal I would like it to be as detailed an outline as possible– at least one page long, preferably 2, including the text, the questions you wish to explore, potential secondary sources. You should use the proposal as a means of getting started on the paper, working out what you think you’re going to argue. This may change (especially as I’m going to be giving you notes on the proposals once I’ve seen them) but the basic idea is to get you seriously thinking about the paper sufficiently in advance of the due date so that you have time to let your thoughts develop.

I will grade the proposals as part of your participation grade.

You may email me your proposals (as rtf files) as I’ll be traveling from the 19th to the 22nd and won’t be back at NYU until Tuesday the 23rd. Anything received after 5 pm on the 19th will be considered late and will drop one fraction of a grade (A to A-, etc.).

Please email or comment here if you have any questions.

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