December dates

Dear all
I was delighted to read your proposals for your final projects, and I’m very much looking forward to reading the papers they become.
You’ll note that on the syllabus I’ve marked out December 14th to discuss your final projects– for this I would like you to each prepare a short presentation of your project, of about 5 minutes max.

And just a reminder that we’re having a speaker on December 9th, at 7 pm. The title of the talk will be “Inclusion and exclusion in urban public space:Narratives from the Gare du Nord,” by Julie Kleinman of Harvard University. Here’s the abstract:

Julie Kleinman is an anthropologist currently conducting fieldwork in the Gare du Nord. Through participant-observation, historical research, and textual analysis, she explores the stories told around and within this international train station—by users, workers,
politicians, journalists, police, the so-called “dangerous classes,” and fiction writers, to see how Parisian public space is used and defined. Who has the right to occupy this space, and who is considered “matter out of place?” How might close observation of this highly politicized and popular urban space shed light on the contemporary politics of integration, diversity, and security in contemporary France?

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