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Just Like Tomorrow

Posted by Diana Caudill On the last page of Just Like Tomorrow, Faïza Guêne’s Doria makes one of the most ironic statements contained in the entire book: “I’m getting way too political.” This is part of the last sentence of … Continue reading

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Final exam review

Thank you all so much for coming to Julie’s talk the other night. I hope you found it illuminating, and we’ll integrate her observations and arguments into our discussion on Tuesday. As I mentioned, the final exam will be cumulative– … Continue reading

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Balzac’s House

By Kathleen Harvey Balzac lived in many houses but one of his only remaining ones is situated not far from our New York University Campus. While walking there I felt that it was necessary to imagine the neighborhood as it … Continue reading

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Rue Mouffetard

by Ellen Frankman Like crooked teeth, the cobblestones of Rue Mouffetard wedge themselves haphazardly against one another, struggling for space in the narrow passageway where overcrowding yields snaggles of rock and the occasional gap.  Over time the street has been … Continue reading

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La Haine

Camille White-Stern In Mathieu Kassovitz’s 1995 film La Haine, we follow three kids, Vinz, Hubert and Said, from the banlieu of Paris, but La Haine is about more than following the lives of three suburban kids for 24 hours. La … Continue reading

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Mobility in the Banlieue

The three primary characters of La Haine are persistently focused on the concept of mobility. Saïd, Vinz, and Hubert devote a majority of their time on film to a series of fruitless efforts at finding means of transportation. Their activities … Continue reading

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A couple of reminders

Don’t forget this Thursday night we have an event– Julie Kleinman will be giving a talk entitled “Inclusion and Exclusion in Urban Public Space: Narratives From the Gare du Nord,” and this will greatly enhance our discussion of “La Haine” … Continue reading

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