Final exam review

Thank you all so much for coming to Julie’s talk the other night. I hope you found it illuminating, and we’ll integrate her observations and arguments into our discussion on Tuesday.

As I mentioned, the final exam will be cumulative– all of the texts from the beginning of the semester onwards will be legitimate points of discussion. And you may bring your textbooks to class if you think that will help you (but not, of course, your notes).

The major concepts I’d like you to think about are much the same from the midterm:

1. The role of landmarks in Paris (as opposed to monuments)

2. Beauty
– know the different definitions and conceptions of beauty from Baudelaire to Breton to Varda to Guène

3. Borders/boundaries/frontiers
– between madness and sanity
– between dreams and “reality”
– imagined borders between spaces
– physical borders between spaces
– interior/exterior
– any others that came up for you this semester

4. Questions of the gaze
– who has it
– what it means
– how it sees
– how it organizes what it sees
– how it is productive of power

5. The relationship of the individual to the crowd

6. The figure of the flâneur and the way it brings together all of the above concepts, as well as: movement, mobility, class, passivity

Please email me with any questions.

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